Walk, Taste, Breathe


Take your time: outdoor tours and regenerating stops


Along historical routes

Abbot’s Way, Francigena Way, Longobard Ways, Linari Way, Matilda’s Way of the Holy Face …The valleys of our rivers and streams, from Trebbia to Enza, home this historical paths and villages rich in history such as Bobbio, which rose to primary importance in Europe thanks to St. Columban and his abbey. Names rich in tradition and charm, paths that have been leading numberless people from all over Europe across western Emilia and the Apennines, to Liguria and Tuscany, to Rome and beyond.

Routes traveled by millions of pilgrims and clerics, soldiers and merchants: a dense network of paths where you can move at a slower pace, getting a different look at our land. Trust your guide: there will be discoveries and nice surprises! By the way, do you love adventure trails? In the mountains of Reggio and Piacenza you will find what is right for you! I am drawing up various proposals. Contact me and follow me online to find out more!

Human places,
Spiritual places

For centuries Emilia has been home to monasteries and religious communities that are fundamental for the life of the territory. Men and women who have prayed, studied, listened to people… and also worked a lot and made people work, taking care of the land, developing and improving perfect production techniques: food products, liqueurs and beverages, herbal remedies, products for health and well-being. Of course, first of all they have done a great deal for spiritual health, art and culture!

The monasteries and convents of the Benedictines and Cistercians, the Franciscans and Dominicans are still present in Emilia and the experience of the Monasteri Aperti (Open Monasteries) attracts a growing number of people. The Xaverian Missionaries of Parma, moreover, open to tourists a modern and fascinating Ethnographic and Chinese Art Museum.

But that’s not all: there are communities of other religions that nested in the Emilian land in a very unique way, such as the Buddhists, for example.

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Itineraries in the hills:
History, nature and flavors

Are you looking for an “easy” excursion, not so demanding but worthwhile? So, I have many different ones for you. The beautiful hills of Parma, for example, give us a lot of charming possibilities for day trips, on foot or by e-bike. I really consider them a must!

We can easily reach scenic places, art trails, castles, churches, parish churches and monasteries, original museums, parks and nature reserves, producers or shops where you can taste and buy wine, olive oil, cheeses and many other products of great quality and authenticity.

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